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Four Humors' Lolita:
A Three Man Show

Cincinnati Fringe Festival
May 28 - June 8, 2013

Minnesota Fringe Festival
August 1-11, 2013

Adventure Theater Festival
August 16-18, 2013

The Murderer Did It!
October 2013
Southern Theater

Star City
May 2-17, 2014
Open Eye Figure Theater

Trivia Obscura
with Troy Zimmerman
May 2014
Venue TBA

Trivia Obscura
May 2014
Clear answers, blurry questions.
Join host Troy Zimmerman, members of Four Humors, and local improv guest stars for an evening of tantilizing trivia and ridiculous responses.
graphic by Troy Zimmerman

The Unauthorized Autobiography
of Benny Hill
May 27 - June 7 at 2014 Cincy Fringe
The funniest man in the world's entirely fake, true story.
Come join Benny Hill, the funniest man in the world, as he relives the untold tragedies behind the genius of his art. Be a part of the indescribable moment when tragedy and comedy collide. Be simultaneously uplifted and depressed. Laugh like you have never laughed before. From the creative minds that brought you Lolita: A Three Man Show, Bombus and Berylline, and Harold comes another completely new and imaginative work.
photo by Ryan Lear

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