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Bombus and Berylline
or the Bumblebee and the Hummingbird

An award winning, light-hearted, family-friendly show, full of humor, adventure, and live music.
A touching story inspired by art, nature, and children's imaginations.

photo by Dan Norman
art by Amy Crickenberger Oeth
- click to enlarge -

Directed by Dario Tangelson
Collaborating Visual Artist Amy Crickenberger Oeth
Created by Four Humors and others

June 21 - July 7, 2012

Mon., Thurs. and Fri. at 7pm
Sat. at 11am and 5pm
Sun. at 2pm and 5pm

Presented at the
Gremlin Theater

Mondays pay-what-you-can
Tickets also available at the door

"It was a special night and there were two moons up and it is cold out and he wants to go home."

- Writer, age 9

Bombus and Berylline or the Bumblebee and the Hummingbird is an original work full of beautiful visuals, light-hearted music, and imaginative storytelling. The show is based on character concepts by company members Rachel Petrie and Ryan Lear, paintings from local visual artist Amy Crickenberger Oeth, and stories from children of all ages.

Berylline's number one goal in life is to be the first hummingbird to successfully complete the Midnight Flight and find the beautiful, nectar-rich Night Blooming Cereus. Her new acquaintance Bombus the Bumblebee knows how to find the elusive flower that only blooms once in a lifetime, but he's worried he might lose his new friend if she finds out that he can't fly. Together they have a fun-filled adventure and find out what true friendship is all about.

"Originally, Ryan and I were going to write a children's book based on the idea," says Petrie, "but, when the company started talking about new show ideas for the upcoming season, I thought it would make a fantastic theatrical production."

With this new direction in mind, Crickenberger Oeth created a series of paintings to serve as the inspiration for the two main character's adventures. These images were given to kids who then described what they thought was happening in the scenes. Four Humors collected the stories, and now director Dario Tangelson is leading actors Rachel Petrie and Jason Ballweber through a collaboration that will unwind the wildly imaginative narratives and weave them into a tale of adventure that's fun for the entire family.

"Working on this show is an absolute delight," says Ballweber. "We are learning a wonderful lesson from working with children; to quit editing ourselves and that if something isn't fun, it is our duty to make it fun."

*Award Winner - Outstanding Production and Critics' Pick at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival*

"This is that rarest-of-the-rare, an honest-to-goodness family friendly show."
- Cincinnati Enquirer

"It's a breath of fresh air that will leave you smiling."
- City Beat

"Bombus and Berylline is, in one word, amazing. As an art museum educator, I found the use of children's voices as the basis for the production to be pure genius and the most perfect example of arts integration. This production reaches all ages in a very profound and meaningful way and teaches children (and adults) the importance of friendship, teamwork and empowerment. Look at art, talk about art, listen to your children - brilliance is just waiting to happen."
- Emily Holtrop, Director of Learning & Interpretation, Cincinnati Art Museum

"Remember that first Popsicle of summer -- the red one you split in half and shared with your best pal before running through the sprinkler to wash off all the drips? 'Bombus and Berylline,' about two unlikely friends with wings and a dream, is a lot like that: refreshing, sweet, original, satisfying. But with no danger of brain freeze. I wish all theatre aimed at family audiences had this much heart. Simply wonderful. And the ukulele-and-kazoo-based score totally rocks."
- Julie York Coppens, Associate Editor, Educational Theatre Association

"The show is about a hummingbird and a bumblebee. The show is special because it is a showtastic show. Sometimes friendship can be a really long friendship, and once people meet each other they sometimes become good friends. My favorite moment was the moment when they were in the shoe and making jokes. The show is funny, teaches friendship, and is exciting."
- Elsie Coppens, Kid and Daughter

"My kids aren't always very forthcoming with their comments, but after a series of questions I did learn this: Alex liked when Bombus was swinging the rope; he was also fascinated with all the items used for musical/sound effects, drawing each of them so I could identify them for him; both he and Aliya are looking forward to seeing two moons."
- Lissa, Cincinnati Mother of Two

"Heartwarming and endearing... classy and exquisite..."
"A really refreshing experience..."
"Beautifully and joyfully executed."
"An amazing show for the whole family."
"Catch it! Adults will love it, but it is absolutely safe (and great fun!) for kids of all ages!"
"YOU MUST SEE THIS!!!! This show is perfect for young children...and the kid in each of us!"
"Perfectly crafted, sweet and funny. If you have a child to bring or you are still a child at heart, this is recommended."
"On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this one a 15. A must see."
- Audience Reviews

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